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Ljubljana officially declared European Best Destination 2022

Ljubljana was officially declared European Best Destination 2022 on Monday, 27 June. The prestigious award was given to Mayor Zoran Janković by the CEO of the European Best Destinations organisation, Maximilien Lejeune.

Ljubljana came first out of 20 leading European destinations – an outstanding success. The award means a lot to Ljubljana’s mayor, Zoran Janković, who is very proud of the fact that in Ljubljana we all live together, that we respect our differences and above all that everyone is welcome in our capital city.

At the beginning of this year Ljubljana, the green miracle – as European Best Destinations named our capital – was voted European Best Destination 2022. The people who voted were tourists and travellers from all around the world, and 92% of the votes came from other countries, which proves Ljubljana’s exceptional international attractiveness. Out of the 20 shortlisted destinations, users of various social networks and the European Best Destinations website chose Slovenia’s capital as the destination they would like to visit during this year’s holidays.

Maximilien Lejeune, CEO of European Best Destinations, said: “Globetrotters love Ljubljana. It offers an exceptionally high quality of life, green spaces and accessibility, and it is a safe, tolerant, multicultural, optimistic, sporty and family-friendly destination. It is an example to all European destinations.”

This year, the European Best Destinations organisation recommends Ljubljana as the most on-trend destination for travel, as it not only attracts lovers of culture, art, entertainment and nature, but also delegations of mayors, environmental consultants and urban planners who all want to experience and understand this green miracle in Europe.

This prestigious international award is further proof that Ljubljana is becoming a global role model for city destinations, and is recognisable throughout the year as an innovative, lively, colourful and sustainable destination. Indeed, sustainability is the crucial element of Ljubljana’s strategic growth, which does not focus only on visitors, but also on the local population – the first and most important ambassadors of the world’s most beautiful city, and now officially the best destination in Europe.