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Slovenia equals same-sex marriage and heterosexual marriage rights

Today, the Act on Amendments to the Family Code enters into force, which changes the definitions of marriage and cohabitation for heterosexual and same-sex partners. The new law stipulates that a marriage is a life union of two persons, no longer a life union of a husband and wife.

In October 2022, Slovenia’s Parliament has legalized same-sex marriage, becoming the first Eastern European country to give same-sex couples rights equal to their heterosexual counterparts.

Slovenian Constitutional Court ruled in July 2022 that prior bans on same-sex marriage and adoption were unconstitutional, and ordered Parliament to craft laws protecting LGBTQ rights in the country within the a six-month window following the ruling.

The legislation to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption rights, cement the court’s ruling into law and satisfy strict constitutionalists who argue that only the legislative branch should make law.