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Where, when, and how to submit a visa application?

General information

If the Republic of Slovenia is the only or main destination, the application must be submitted at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia.

Short-stay visa (C Type) applicants must submit an application at the diplomatic mission of the Schengen country that is their only or main destination. When visiting several Schengen countries, the main destination is the country in which the stay will be the longest. If the duration of one’s stay in several Schengen countries is equal, the main destination is deemed to be the country most connected to the main purpose of the trip (for example, conference participation, participation in a fair, a business meeting, etc.). If it is impossible to establish the main destination based on these criteria, the application has to be submitted with a diplomatic mission of the Schengen country that will be entered first.

Applicants must submit an application in the country where they are either citizens or holders of a residence permit.