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Documents required in accordance with the applicant's personal situation

Documents required in accordance with the applicant's personal situation 

a) If the applicant is employed:

  • Employment contract;
  • Certification of payment of taxes by the employer in last 6 months;
  • Tax office verification (Vërtetim nga Zyra e Taksë-Tatimeve);
  • Vacation confirmation from the employer (if applicable). 

b) If the applicant is a business owner:

  • Certificate of business registration;
  • Tax statement of the Albanian company (personal and business Vërtetim nga Zyra e Taksë-Tatimeve);
  • Certification of payment of taxes in last 6 months;
  • Company’s bank statement covering the last 6 months. 

c) If the applicant is a farmer: Proof of property ownership. 

d) If the applicant is retired: Pension statement over the last 6 months. 

e) If the applicant is an artist: Proof of qualification (e.g. proof of membership in a professional association, manager contract etc.). 

f) If the applicant is a student/pupil:

  • Proof of solvability of parents, or proof of sufficient funds for the entire stay, or provision of guarantee form (i.e. work contract, bank statement for the last 6 months, Vërtetim nga Zyra e Taksë-Tatimeve);
  • Student card (if applicable) and matriculation from educational institution;
  • Student index signed and stamped by the educational institution (if applicable). 

g) If the applicant is a minor/under the age 18 (please note that both parents need to be present for lodging the visa application for minor; exemptions from this are addressed individually case by case):

  • Travelling alone: Consent of the parental authority (both parents) or legal guardian (notarized);
  • Travelling with one parent or legal guardian only: Consent of other parental authority (notarized)
  • If the single parent with whom the minor is to travel, holds the paternal authority alone: Document that proves the person is the only parental authority e.g. birth certificate of the minor (indicating only one parent), death certificate, divorce or custody agreement. 

h) Family members of EU or Swiss citizens covered by the Directive 2004/38/EC